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The smoothest shoe care techniques

Smooth leather, suede, patent leather? Leather spans many different types and finishes, each with its own specific requirements. The most effective shoe care always starts with thorough cleaning, using a dry brush to remove dust and particles of dirt. As an exception, however, never use a brush on patent-leather shoes, as it may scratch the gleaming surface; instead, remove dust with a damp cloth. Smooth leather boots are best cared for with a classic combination of shoe polish and wax; the polish penetrates deep into the leather, with oils that nourish the material and refresh its colour, while the wax creates a protective glossy coat over the surface and helps to waterproof the leather.

To ensure suede, nubuck and velour leather retain their beautiful velvety finish, after brushing use a special suede spray to nourish, revive the colour and impregnate the surface. Take care to spray finely and do not soak the leather – suede and nubuck leather do not take kindly to “the more the merrier”! Grease spots can occasionally be roughened using a special cleaning eraser. The LLOYD Online Shop supplies a range of care products from the well-known ShoeBoys catalogue, tailored for every leather type – from classic polish for smooth Oxfords and leather lotions for matte styles to creams for mixed leathers and TEX membranes, and special sprays for antique-effect shoes.

Extra tip

Don’t wait until the leather of your shoes is already marred with small scratches or unattractive discoloration before you start your shoe care regimen! The best protection for permanently gleaming, comfortable shoes is regular preventive care – and that includes resisting the temptation to keep trying new care products. For effective long-term care, shoes should be treated consistently with the same product, carefully matched to the type of leather.

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