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Caring for shoes every step of the way

The right shoe care is not only important to ensure your footwear – be it lace-ups, loafers, sneakers or boots – retains its flawless looks. Shoe care prolongs the life of the shoes and maintains their comfort. Leather needs to be kept supple and preserve its breathability if the shoes it is made from are to continue giving pleasure to the wearer. But shoe care involves far more than just regular cleaning with high-quality creams, foams, balms, waxes or sprays tailored to the type of leather and the finish of the shoe.

Optimum shoe care starts with the right way of donning and removing the shoes. It is important to always loosen shoelaces or open buckles and to use a shoehorn when putting shoes on. Equally vital, insert a shoe tree after taking the shoes off, while they are still warm. The ideal material for shoe trees is cedarwood, which is particularly effective at absorbing moisture and contains natural essential oils that neutralize odour. Leave the shoes to rest for at least one full day before wearing them again; this will help them retain their shape and natural breathability for many years.

By caring for your shoes regularly – removing coarse dirt and dust with a brush, cleansing the leather with colour-activating care foam, allowing at least half an hour for this to be absorbed, and finally polishing the shoes with a fine brush or soft cloth – you will have many years of pleasure from your footwear. Make sure to use separate polish brushes and cloths for each different colour. And if you have shoes made from sensitive nubuck leather, never rub or brush them while still wet or damp – including immediately after removing them.

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