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18 / 18 Article

Useful, but so much more: wallets and purses

Wallets are among the men’s accessories that see the most use. They are our constant daily companions year in, year out, storing our valuables – our cash, cards, personal ID and documents. But unlike shoes, belts and other accessories, we usually have only one wallet. Given this, it’s definitely worthwhile investing in a high-quality product, particularly because we take it out every day.

So are wallets merely utilitarian objects? Not at all! Wherever you go – restaurant or supermarket, or even a work meeting where you need to produce a business card – a wallet is a great chance to communicate style as well as creating order. Unlike women’s purses, buried in the depths of a handbag, men’s wallets are usually ready to hand in a trouser pocket, often with the top edge visible. Purses and wallets are thus part of the overall outfit, and a high-quality wallet will pay for itself in terms both of durability and elegance.

Extra tip

Ensure the wallet has enough space to take all your cash and important documents. A well-designed system of pockets is essential; too loose, and business cards or coins quickly fall out and are lost. Size really does matter; if your wallet does not fit neatly into your trouser pocket, it may fall prey to pickpockets.

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