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Goodbye to wet feet and water stains

For shoes, bad weather is the acid test. Rain, snow and road salt can all attack the leather, leaving water stains. To protect your shoes from the effects of summer rain or winter snow and keep your feet dry at the same time, shoes must be regularly impregnated. The easiest method is an impregnating spray, applied thinly and evenly from a minimum distance of 30 cm.

Impregnation agent should be applied to new shoes before you even think about wearing them; this provides protection right from the outset. The porous texture of brushed finishes and suede makes them especially sensitive, so that regular reproofing with impregnation agent is a must. Smooth leather shoes can be treated with special wax or deeply penetrating concentrated impregnation fluid to deliver long-lasting protection from wet and snow. Occasional reproofing is also advised for shoes with TEX membrane to preserve their waterproof qualities. You’ll find a full range of all appropriate products at LLOYD.

Extra tip

Impregnation is also a good idea for summer shoes. Quality impregnation agents form a protective film that repels dirt and water and nourishes the shoe. Here too, the impregnation product must match the material of your flats, courts or slip-ons; simply apply at regular intervals to the clean, dry shoes.