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Care & equipment for articles for women

Care & equipment for articles for women

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Care products, care accessories, care routine: extending the life of leather shoes

We love buying new shoes – but it’s heartbreaking to part with beloved old friends when they become too worn to wear. Yet high-quality women’s shoes can last a lifetime if they receive regular care and are occasionally resoled by a professional. Leather is such a tough, durable material that your favourite shoes will give many years of pleasure if they are treated properly.

If shoe cleaning sounds like hard work, don’t worry! With the right products, you can polish up your leather shoes in an instant. First use a brush to clean off any loose dirt. Now you can start to treat the leather. It’s important to choose a cream or foam that suits the material of the shoes; there’s a world of difference between suede and smooth leather, and each has its own needs. Quality care products provide deeply penetrating nourishment and retain the leather’s natural properties. Finally, the shoe is buffed and impregnated.

But even the most meticulous shoe care isn’t enough on its own; it needs to be backed up by the right daily routine. This starts very simply, with the way you put your shoes on. Ensure you open any laces or buckles, and use a shoe horn to slip your foot easily into the shoe. This prevents the heel from being crushed and damaged. After wearing, store your shoes and boots on shoe trees. This smooths out any creases in the leather and significantly extends the life of your footwear.