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Equipment for articles for women

Equipment for articles for women

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Shoe care accessories: extras for comfort, convenience and care

Perfect shoe care needs the perfect products – and the right equipment. Our Care Accessories range contains a host of aids for keeping your shoes looking great for longer: brushes for cleaning and polishing smooth leather and suede, wooden shoe horns, travel shoe care kits, shoe and boot trees, and an array of inlays from thermal to barefoot.

To ensure leather shoes retain their shape, it’s best to alternate between at least two pairs; leather welcomes a rest after every wearing. Shoes take around 20 hours to dry and regenerate; during this process, shoe trees help to keep them in shape and prevent creases from forming in the leather. Patent leather is particularly susceptible to creasing and will thank you for this anti-ageing care. For lace-up styles, shoe trees with fold-up handle, telescope springs and fully formed heel are best as they distribute pressure evenly. However, more delicate women’s shoes should be stored on foam foreparts (half-trees).

Extra tip

Prevention is better than care; by using accessories like shoe trees and shoe horns with your new shoes from the start, you can prevent creasing and damage to the heels and save on later repair costs.