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ART. H99-35009-YY
  • Not available
  • 6 6 Not available
  • 6.5 6.5 Available
  • 7 7 Not available
  • 7.5 7.5 Available
  • 8 8 Only 1 available
  • 8.5 8.5 Available
  • 9 9 Available
  • 9.5 9.5 Available
  • 10 10 Only 3 available
  • 10.5 10.5 Available
  • 11 11 Not available
  • 11.5 11.5 Not available
  • 12 12 Available
  • 12.5 12.5 Only 3 available
  • 13 13 Only 3 available
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The breathable insole protects the whole locomotion system by absorbing impact. Dimensionally stable shock-absorbing material spread over the complete tread area and integrated comfort zones ensure optimum wearing comfort, perfect support for the heel and protection for the longitudinal foot arch.

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