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Men Slip-ons

Men Slip-ons

30 / 40 Article

Slipping into feelgood comfort

Loafers are widely popular men’s footwear styles. No bending, no tying shoelaces, no struggling with jammed zips – just slip on and feel good. Loafers are the ideal choice for men that love a free-wheeling lifestyle and prefer casual style. Soft suede versions abound as summer leisure footwear, while styles in quality smooth leather are in demand as trans-seasonal wear.

But the subtle, understated design of loafers can also be a good fit to office environments. Up to a point, elegant loafers are the equal of any lace-up style, only falling back when confronted with ultra-fine suiting and conservative, formal settings. Whatever the occasion and surroundings you choose for these easy-going slip-ons, excellent fit is essential. Elastic inserts are practical helpers for men with high arches or broader feet, and help loafers to fit like a glove.

Extra tip

All leather shoes stretch and widen a little in wear. In the case of loafers, however, this natural process may be fatal; there’s nothing worse than wearing shoes where the heel slips out with every step. To keep loafers in shape for as long as possible, we recommend inserting suitable shoe trees after every wear. This keeps them smooth and supple, preventing soles from distorting and erasing creases.