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Men Ankle boots & booties

Men Ankle boots & booties

30 / 125 Article

Boots & More: Cosy winter footwear

Boots are essential wear for autumn and winter, whatever their style. Boots are distinguished from low shoes by their higher shaft; extending to at least ankle height, it reliably protects feet from winter chills and wet weather. LLOYD Ankle Boots have a cosy lining and waterproof Gore-Tex® membrane that laughs at even sub-zero temperatures. A profiled sole provides secure grip on ice and snow. Winter? Bring it on!

Whether your preference is for lace-up, buckled or slip-on boots (like iconic Chelsea boots) largely depends on the occasion. As a general rule, boots can be worn on virtually any occasion, although extremely formal events like weddings, balls or banquets require classic shoes. Otherwise the rule of thumb is that the simpler the shoe style, the more formal the occasion it will suit. Ankle boots in quality smooth leather with minimal design details are fine for office wear, while boots with contrasting details or broguing are fashion-forward choices for leisure.

Extra tip

Boots require regular treatment with impregnation agent to retain their waterproof or water-resistant properties. Make sure the spray is suitable for the material of your footwear and spray the entire surface of the boots from a distance of around 30 centimetres; do this in the open air and do not inhale the spray. Several thin coats offer more effective protection than one thick coat. Reproof your boots every one to three months.