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Men Scarves/kerchiefs

Men Scarves/kerchiefs

11 / 11 Article

The easy-going way to mix and match

The world of men’s fashion has embraced the sophistication of scarves of all kinds as versatile accessories. Previously only used to protect sore throats or proclaim football allegiances, today scarves are an elegant yet simple way to dress up an everyday outfit, soften the severity of formal business wear and enhance colourways – all year round.

In summer, light viscose scarves set tasteful accents, while winter ushers in cosy wool and cashmere scarves as an attractive finishing touch to an outfit. But strident patterns or garish colours are best avoided for these accessories. More effective alternatives are masculine stripes, bold checks or versatile tone-in-tone designs that happily partner a range of looks. Subtle details like fringed ends and raw seams add extra sophistication.

Extra tip

There are many different ways to wear a scarf. An ultra-nonchalant look – admittedly less appealing in winter – is simply to hang the scarf around the neck, allowing the ends to hang. The more stylish “European knot” folds the scarf in the middle and pulls both ends through the loop. A perennial trend is the wraparound look, in which the scarf is simply slung around the neck as many times as desired. It’s certainly the warmest way to wear this popular accessory.