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Men Gloves

Men Gloves

6 / 6 Article

Long-lasting business cards for the hands

Leather gloves are an ideal way to add a winter upgrade to men’s looks. These timelessly classic accessories can do far more than keep the hands warm; they enhance any outfit and create a stylish touch for the hands. Provided the quality is right, of course; in winter, gloves join shoes as the markers of a true gentleman. LLOYD Leather Gloves send out all the right fashion signals to confirm your discernment.

Crafted from superfine sheepskin nappa or ultra-soft deerskin and lined with soft wool, LLOYD Leather Gloves tick every box for quality, durability and style. Sophisticated touches are added by the use of grained and smooth leather textures, striking decorative stitching and filigree stitched patterns on the backs. When choosing the perfect fit, ensure the gloves are not too big; as a natural product, leather stretches and relaxes in wear.

Extra tip

Leather gloves protect the hands from cold – and much more besides. In the winter, when illness is rife, they also serve as protection in lifts, on handrails or door handles, helping to shield the wearer from contagion by colds and flu, coughs and sore throats.