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New women's shoes - the trends from the catwalk

If you are buying new women's shoes, you naturally want to buy the trendiest models on the market and use them to shine at parties or when strolling through town. At LLOYD Shoes you will find the latest shoe fashions and can combine them with various items of clothing. One thing is always certain with your purchase: you get the best quality and rely on a long-lasting product.

The latest trends are presented every spring at the big fashion fairs in Milan and Paris. Shortly afterwards, you will find new women's shoes inspired by them in the LLOYD shop. You can buy models that will make you a star at every banquet. You will discover every conceivable variation from robust boots to seductive stilettos to low shoes in patent design - there is a suitable product for every situation. Quality and an elegant look are features that characterise all our articles.

What new women's shoes are there?

The range of ladies' shoes at LLOYD is particularly extensive. You can buy graceful pumps or stilettos with spiked heels to match your elegant cocktail dress. Whoever appears in these eye-catchers exudes esprit and self-confidence. High boots, on the other hand, go well with a cool outfit with jeans and a leather jacket. These are a must for the woman of the world, not least in winter. Fashionable overknees can always be found among the new styles. In the warm seasons of spring and summer, loafers, sandals and ballerinas are particularly popular. These not only look good, but also offer plenty of comfort with their airy structure.

How do I style the new women's shoe trends?

New women's shoes are ideal for giving yourself a new look. Perhaps choosing a new model is an impetus for you to make a style change. You can easily build on existing garments in your wardrobe. Wear fashionable stilettos with skinny jeans to create an exciting style. Always coordinate the colour of your footwear with the colour of the textiles. Shoes in the same tone go well with a nude-coloured dress. If you want to wear a leather jacket, chic boots are an interesting option. Let yourself be inspired now by the many new products at LLOYD.

How do I care for my new women's shoes?

So that you can enjoy your new shoes for a long time, buy various care accessories at LLOYD. First of all, you need a high-quality cleaner and a suitable shoe polish. This should be the right colour and match the material of the shoe. A different agent is used for synthetic surfaces than for shiny leather or suede. To make your appearance with new boots or stilettos unforgettable, polish the leather. A waterproofing spray also protects against moisture. This improves the resistance of the already high-quality women's shoes.

Women's shoe novelties by LLOYD - fashionable chic paired with quality and elegance

The great strength of LLOYD Shoes is that we manage to combine chic and quality with ease. On the one hand, we always offer you the latest trends and are thus always fashionably ahead. On the other hand, we attach great importance to quality. The workmanship as well as the materials are convincing and are designed for a long life. New women's shoes are seasonally updated and can be combined with many other products. Let yourself be inspired by our many articles from clothing to shoes, from head to toe.