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24 / 24 Article

Chelsea Boots & Co: The shoe comeback of the decade

Slip-on boots are free from any kind of closure, relying on their wider form or – in the case of Chelsea boots – their elasticated side panels for smooth donning and removal. While wider boots have a more casual air, LLOYD’s slimmer slip-on boot styles are also at home in situations requiring more elegance. In smooth leather or with Lyra edging, the perforated embellishment familiar from brogues, they have advanced to the status of accepted business wear.

Chelsea boots, named after the notorious London district and cradle of the Swinging Sixties, have enjoyed a sensational comeback in recent years. Shaking off their previous image as riding boots, they were already famous in the mid-20th century as the Beatles’ footwear of choice. Today the ankle boots with their iconic stretch panels and heel tab are must-haves for any man’s wardrobe. And no wonder; they’re as much at home with street style as they are with a suit, to say nothing of being supremely comfortable.

Extra tip

When purchasing your new boots, make absolutely sure you can slip them on comfortably. Struggling with insufficient leeway may quickly result in a creased and crushed heel area. After hours of wear, feet may swell; to remove the boots, consider using a boot jack to ease the boots off without damaging the surface material.

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