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Low shoes

20 / 20 Article

Strong characters from sole to finish

Versatility, individuality and quality may sound like a job recruiter’s wish list – but these characteristics are sought after in far more areas than business. Well-groomed looks both in and outside the office are enhanced by hand-crafted classic shoes from the LLOYD 1888 Manufaktur Collection. Want to make a good impression at the theatre after work, at weekend activities with friends or at family parties – but without compromising on comfort and style? Fortunately, 1888 has the answer, offering a vast choice of classic low shoes that appeal to even the most discerning tastes.

Lace-ups, monks or slippers, the classic low shoe styles in the 1888 Collection are the key to building a powerfully individual style in any season, summer or winter. Every individual 1888 shoe is created with professionalism and passion, using only superfine, ultra-supple leather types like European calfskin nubuck, suede and smooth leather, and meticulously hand-finished. The resulting quality can be clearly felt and seen. All 1888 low shoes have individual decorative stitching and feature the Rendenbach logo signifying premium-quality leather soles, plus heels with “gentleman’s corners”.

Extra tip

The heel detail known as a “gentleman’s corner” is neither a flaw nor a purely visual quirk. Although often mistaken for a fault by the inexperienced, this angle deliberately cut into the inside corner of the heel is extremely functional, preventing the heel from catching the trouser hem. An ultra-practical extra, particularly for longer trousers.

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